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Randall Wine Group

Getting all The Juice has never been easier.

We developed an intranet for Randall Wine Group, the largest premium vineyard holder across South Australia, that would help their executives stay connected with employees across all locations and centralise important resources online via an integrated and easy to use web interface.

Given their growth, Randall Wine Group required an Intranet that would help their executives stay connected with employees across all locations and centralise important resources online, not to mention translate and infuse their corporate culture throughout their locations.

Ultimately, Randall Wine Group wanted an intranet solution that would engage employees quickly, and provide support for them regardless of geographic location.

The Mission

  • Improve information and document search capabilities
  • Document management, knowledge management, and content management
  • Improving communication, collaboration, employee engagement and easy accessible interface
  • Ensure employees accessibility to important information
  • Reduce time spent on email
  • Provide easier ways of managing remote employees
  • Manage calendars, events, meetings, and important dates

The Outcome

The Randall Wine Group intranet needed a name, something that employees could relate to and fit in with their culture. The name conveys the intranet’s goal and identity. Employees use the name of the intranet to refer to it in speech and writing. After significant research ‘The Juice’ was selected.

One really important thing the Intranet managed to do was communicate the company culture for all team members and bridge the geographic distance with culture. Through The Juice, Randall Wine Group keeps their employees informed about all the latest company news, events and activities.

The Impact

Plastyk empowered the 130+ employees of the Randall Wine Group with:

  • User experience that is simple and intuitive
  • Single hub that brings together disparate applications
  • A single place to find information and resources
  • Platform for communication and collaboration
  • Mobile web app to keep the intranet in every employee's pocketCentralised Document Management
  • Mainstream Executive Involvement
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Translated Culture Online

Strategic benefits

  • Better internal communications
  • Easy and secure sharing of resources and best practices
  • Less management
  • Good user experience
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure
  • Improved internal customer services
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced direct costs


  • User-satisfaction
  • Relevance in content
  • Streamlined workplace incident reporting
  • More efficient and improved leave request process


Having a well-designed framework will provide support for the intranet team, apart from assessing project running status. All projects run better when there is visibility and accountability between the governance team, project team, and intranet team.