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Email Direct Marketing

Email marketing can be complicated, our experts are here to help.

Plastyk have the experience required for your Email Directing Marketing (EDM) exploits. Our EDM services range from template graphic design, animation, email design testing, preflight checklist, spam testing, email delivery and deliverability, A/B testing, expert analysis and custom integration.

Technical & marketing email services

  • Preflight checklist - Timing, The details, The content, lists, testing, notifying team, send, analytics post send
  • Template design - Subject line, pre-header text, personalisation, dynamic content, email layout, width, user experience, images, video, gifs, copy/tone, web fonts, mobile optimisation, calls to action, links, footer
  • Email design testing - We test your Email until its perfect across 90+ email clients & devices, so you’ll know how your Email will look before it hits the Inbox.
  • Spam testing - Stop wasting time and money on emails that don’t reach your subscribers. We check deliverability and measure results during pre-check.
  • Email delivery and deliverability - measure delivery rates to know how many emails are accepted, how many bounce and when an email successfully arrives in the person’s inbox
  • Expert analysis - Campaign review & consultation - Advanced report giving you insight into performance of your program. Action plan to help you implement changes.

Get the full service email experience

This service includes the following features:

  • Design of subscription forms and a subscription page for the client’s site
  • Design of email templates to be sent via an autoresponder to sign up customers successfully
  • Design of an email newsletter template
  • A/B testing of two separate newsletter executions to work out which is the most effective with the client’s user base
  • Subscription list management, including sign-ups and duplicates, bounces, and unsubscribes handling
  • Monthly production and mailing of the newsletter using content provided by the client
  • The production of a monthly email report showing the total messages sent, delivered, opened, and bounced for each mail-out (you could also provide cumulative reports that show statistical behaviour over time)
  • Plastyk knows Campaign Monitor inside and out

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