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Craft Commerce

Plastyk can create a Craft Commerce is flexible and customisable so you can build exactly the store you need.

No themes. Every store created with Craft Commerce is unique just like you.Completely customisable from design to variants, checkout and receipts.Pick the features and functionality you need.

Craft Commerce is designed to be plugin-friendly so it’s easy to add robust ecommerce capabilities to your site.

  • Several existing plugins for taxes, shipping, and more.
  • Easily integrates with popular payment gateways, CRMs, and fulfilment services.
  • Create your own apps like product builders and customisers for dynamic customer experiences.
  • Taxes & Shipping - Set the tax rules and shipping methods.
  • Sales & Promotions - Coupon codes, special pricing, or dynamic pricing.
  • Products & Variants - Create product types to group similar products, and optionally allow individual products to have multiple purchasable variants.
  • APIs - Define custom purchase types, gateway integrations, and even add your own shipping and tax calculators, or integrate with third party services.

Get your shop working as hard as you.

Its easy with Plastyk and Craft CMS