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Craft CMS

A flexible user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) for creating custom digital web experiences.

Craft CMS is a WordPress alternative for development-oriented publishers who want deeper control and more powerful performance from their content management tools. Created to be exceptionably scalable, and offers native features for complex content management relationships which means it does not need plugins to do many things that other CMS platforms rely on.

Craft CMS really shines in the content department

Great web performance, security and flexibility. It is amazing at managing website content, its one of the best systems at managing content thanks to its intuitive user interface.

Managing sites is simple and straight forward, particularly if you take advantage of the block architecture. Every website is composed of a series of components, which internally we call ‘blocks’ Each block performs a special function, whether that’s full screen video, billboard image, rich article text, navigation, footer, contact forms, and so on. They are responsive and can be easily rearranged, disabled, re-enabled etc.

  • Craft CMS also offers live preview and optimisation tools to catch those massive 93MB jpegs that someone may be uploading.
  • Craft CMS doesn’t use themes, it's a content first approach that’s meant to be designed and coded from scratch for every new build.
  • Craft CMS is still the content king with its improved performance, security, and flexibility.
  • Everything is custom tailored by the designer and developer for the site being created.

If you’re looking for a robust easy to use Content Management System for your website, Craft CMS is the answer and plastyk has the team that can do !t for you.

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