About Us / Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We care about the environment, not just talk about it.

Plastyk Studios acknowledge that we are accountable for caring and protecting the environment in which we operate. As a team, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental initiatives and policies across all of our business activities and strategies.

Plastyk strives to encourage its business partners, clients and members of the wider community to collaborate with one another to achieve higher environmental standards within the workplace.

This is achieved by reinforcing our shared beliefs, values and attitudes towards improving environmental performance across all business operations from providing online proposals and tools for interactive website feedback to implementing energy efficient solutions for office lighting and computer monitors.

Plastyk recognises our key impacts to be in the following areas and implement the following solutions to help reduce our environmental impact:

Energy use

• Rather than having multiple servers, we have them all virtualised to save power.

• Staff members use energy efficient monitors for their computers.

• We provide clients with online tools for interactive feedback for website designs as opposed to printing them and providing a hard copy for feedback.

• Have installed LED or other energy efficient models of lighting throughout the office.

• Staff use electricity responsibly and switch off electrical items when not in use.

Waste generation

• Reduce the amount of paper used in the office by using electronic files.

• Continue to recycle waste products wherever possible including paper and ink cartridges as well as food packaging from staff meals.

• Green waste is collected and taken home to feed the chooks.


Promote sustainable modes of transport to our workplace or client meetings, especially cycling, walking or public transport (where possible). Plastyk supports its employee's active lifestyles by allowing flexible work hours, and bike storage at the office.


• Plastyk staff are also involved in Trees for Life.

• Several of the staff also volunteer their time.