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Centennial Park

How do you avoid grave consequences from digging in the wrong spot?

Centennial Park, Adelaide’s largest cemetery, engaged Plastyk to develop a bespoke mobile mapping app to be used by their operations team.

Designed for touch support, the app is accessed via iPad and carried remotely.

Workers access a range of tools designed to supplement the running and maintenance of the grounds.

Key features include:

  • Multi-layered mapping service
  • Database for feature data
  • Integrates with multiple systems
  • In-house REST service for task management
  • Technicians update their jobs from in the field and can add photos

The Mission

Centennial Park Cemetery is the largest cemetery in South Australia. Being the largest poses many challenges, in particular for the ground staff (Operations Workers) looking after burial sites. Knowing which site actions are required along with where local infrastructure is located, such as underground services (eg pipes) is key. A system for the identification of any site hazards and infrastructure so no damage is caused when performing siteworks was required.

The Outcome

Operation Workers required a mapping tool with interactive infrastructure overlays, the ability to take and store photographs so that the scheduled work is captured and communicated back for subsequent action. With our years of knowledge integrating with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) we knew we could do !t.

In order to build the best experience to help users easily find the information they need, Plastyk Studios conducted internal workshops and user testing to discover insights about the way Centennial Park Cemetery key users require information.

Plastyk Studios response to this discovery phase resulted in the development of a responsive web application for the placement and maintenance of sites.

The Impact

The solution incorporated a high contrast user interface suitable for outdoor use with large easy to press touch screen buttons for tablet devices that would be used out in the field. Integration with the ArcGIS system provided all the necessary data for operations workers to complete there tasks more efficiently and effectively with a 98% reduction in infrastructure incidents to site preparation and associated tasks.


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