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Position Vacant

Mid-level Developer

3 - 5 years experience

Plastyk is on the lookout for passionate and motivated person to join our awesome team!

Sadly a long time team mate of 10+ years is moving on to a great new opportunity, she will be sorely missed. We have a pretty good track record, our developers stick around 5-11 years.

We encourage anyone located in Australia/Asia Pacific region to invest some time to explore what we have to offer, your location doesn’t matter, work from where-ever.

Why work with us?

Here at Plastyk we care about your world. We have very flexible working arrangements and have had these in place well before everyone needed them. We seek out commercial projects specialising in our core strengths to deliver smart, easy to use solutions.

We specialise in:

  • Creating custom web applications and integrations that are simple and accessible
  • Connecting legacy platforms to online software systems with custom code

We are:

  • Reliable, dependable, responsive, thoughtful, approachable, professional, innovative, proactive & fun

We work with:

  • Established medium to large businesses that are looking for a continuous partnership

The projects we work on usually are undertaken directly with clients who are looking to leverage our expertise to get long term results.

We’re a team 10-ish by choice, staying small and focussed has been our game plan since 2004 working from our office in Unley, South Australia and remotely from home or café.

We’re looking for a mid-level developer to join our team and contribute to our projects in a meaningful way. You have probably spent a couple of years programming and can build small to medium sized web applications, but still might get stuck when trying to make ongoing changes to a project over a longer period of time and are looking for ways to make the software that you write more capable without introducing bugs at the same time.

Your skills

Fun :)

This career move may be what you’re looking for if...

You are able to get the job done independently most of the time, with a keen eye for detail; some knowledge of accessibility but can see quickly when you need guidance from other team members, and do so proactively. Your focus is on your project work, and enjoy working with a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers and project managers.

You also might have started to make a contribution to your team, actively participating in retros, planning sessions and being involved in other project and company activities.

You also demonstrate excellent teamwork and communication skills and are proactive in identifying gaps in your capability. You also use feedback received to keep getting better at your craft and show a strong desire to learn and also share feedback. You excel in managing your time and priorities, as well as communicating clearly both written and verbally.

As a smaller team…

  • We have a number of projects running on different technical stacks.
  • We work mostly in PHP (specifically CMS frameworks such as Silverstripe and CraftCMS) using Git repositories and running via Docker.
  • We integrate and create our own custom systems and love to learn and teach each other new skills.
  • Most of our projects are delivered via the web and our mid-level developers will naturally be very competent in HTML, SCSS and plain old Javascript.

Imagine your week at Plastyk…

  • Reviewing a few pull requests to help individuals and the team grow with their ability to commit good code to projects
  • Pairing and being mentored by senior devs to help with your growth professionally as a developer
  • Contributing to our regular developer meetings where we discuss, have workshops and generally look at how we go about development at Plastyk as a team
  • Collaborating with project managers to evaluate the scope for features on a new project
  • Spend time writing code - implementing new APIs for a commercial client project and adding new elements to the UI components library
  • Deploying a client project - and ensuring the deployment was successful

Recently we launched a Private Online Product Selection Tool with one of South Australia’s leading plumbing supply companies in order to provide a simpler way for consultants to better serve their clients. Some of the key elements included:

  • Generating high quality documents
  • Fast efficient interface for the team (developed in ReactJS)
  • Ability to take quotes from their legacy system and generate documents directly
  • Follow up system to keep track of quotes and provide notifications to the team
  • SMS and email follow up on quotes to the customer
  • There was also a significant chunk of work integrating with their old UNIX based legacy system. This involved nightly sync of stock, availability and assets (pdf documents and images).


Based on your skills and level of experience, how many days a week you'd like to work.
We are committed to building a diverse and fun team.

Need to know more?

Have a question? Email or phone +61 8 8357 7700.
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Please send us your resumé and a cover letter answering the following questions:

Tell us a bit about the latest project you worked on. Was it completed successfully? Explain how you contributed to its success and how you handled any obstacles you may have run into.

Tell us about a time when you had to make a critical decision during production. What happened? How did you manage it?

Describe a time when you experienced a significant project change last minute. How did you handle it and complete the project on time?